Anti-Gravity, 2013, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan

Shenzhen New Media Art Festival 2014, 2014, Value Factory, Shenzhen, China

OPEN SPACE 2015, 2015, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo, Japan

Cairotronica 2016, Ministry of Culture, 2016, Cairo, Egypt

Project Daejeon 2016 COSMOS, 2016, Daejeon Art Museum, Daejeon, Korea

Norimichi Hirakawa, a versions [ 26 unknowns ] (2013)

16 women appear on the display at the same time as a pixel collaged image of the interview video. in the interview, they are telling about their own episode , an answer for the question “ what do you want to do if you could rewind the time ?”, “a regret” , or “a future which had never come true”. on the opposite wall which is she is (they are) facing, an irreversible particle system is continuously being rewinded. every particle is going back to the origin of the each universe.
A computer-program-generated collage of the pixels from 26 interview cuts of women.